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Don't you just love it when you put a lunch recipe together and it's successful?! I always struggle to put a simple meal together for lunch so I like to think this was some sort of miracle.
I much prefer to go out and buy lunch then make it at home. How am I supposed to know what I'm going to feel like eating in 3 days time? I believe "anything is only as hard as you make it" - its kind of a motto I like to secretly live by and for my lunch I like to make things extra difficult so I'll end up with the ever so boring ham sandwich: this clearly oozes excitement. Not today though. Today was my second week of buying food for my lunches and I was determined to not fall into the ham sandwich category again. Over the past year Ive changed my diet so much (for the better, mind.. Well apart from that chocolate cake last weekend but let's just keep that between you and I) so I needed lunch to be healthy and delicious at the same time! I'm not here to spend £££ on lunch; it had to be affordable, enjoyable and fill-me-up-able* so meet my healthy pita breads filled with chopped up ham, lettuce, cucumber, tomato with a tea spoon of crème fraiche mixed in!Since changing my diet I'm always looking for ways in incorporate healthy food into appealing meals so this is clearly a 'proud of myself momo'

*a word for the future dictionary

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