Days fly by

Tired days at work usually end relaxing in M&S café drinking a medium mocha - hoping to gain energy as the dreadful work uniform search continues. I definitely need to learn how to balance my time better.

During my painful shopping trips cat tops have become a thing. I've had my eye on a River Island t-shirt for weeks now so when I saw it in the sale I couldn't resist! Pout face pose.
H&M attempted to tease me with a cat t-shirt too but there was no competition, even with his facial expressions, River I's was a clear winner; look at that sequin moustache.
Trying to enjoy the shopping instead of endure it; the boy treated us to our first ever Starbucks! He had a cool lime refresher while I had mango passionfruit blended juice and a piece of shortbread. I wasn't that into the shortbread but I'd so go back for another Mango Passionfruit!

We ended my second full week in Frankie & Benny's having dinner and a few drinks. The chicken pesto pasta I had was delicious and the boys cajun chicken calzone was so good! I'm not a big chip lover but theirs are so crispy I simply cant resist, umm. We finished with chocolate covered waffles, toffee covered pancakes and ice cream - calories don't count after 6, RIGHT?
After abandoning pretty much all things non work we decided to spend last weekend back home with my nearest and dearest - my sister and her family. My sisters just gave us our first niece so all weekend was spent ooohing and awwing her every move.
Finishing the week with the boy cooking me dinner, it was definitely a proud momo, he's come along way. Bless

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. 

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