Me Time

This weekend has possibly been the most enjoyable, relaxing one I've had in a long while. The boys been at work so I've had some good old quality time with my secret other half Edward, that's right I am a complete sucker for Twilight and Edward obviously has my heart (we can cringe together if you'd like but we all know he's what dreams are made of HA) weekends like this have box sets written all over them.

Aswell as my obvious time with Edward I made a few scrapbook pages with my stencils, became the newbie at work, had the most amazing pesto pizza evs and geeked out to David Attenborough (has to be done).

If you, like me, fall in love with my cat socks and feel the urgent need to go out and buy them,they're from H&M, they come in a pack of 3 and are the softest so go on, treat yourself.

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