The Wait Is Over

Monday was our only day of rest so we went to Salford Museum and Art Gallery, it was our first visit and I felt it was SO time to go see their Victorian Street and peer through all the shop windows at the original 19th century wares. My personal fav had to be the antique wooden printer trays and stamps. The whole street gives you that black market kinda feel, it's amazing when you actually remember thats how people used to live, you don't get that opportunity often.. Yes, if you weren't aware I'm a massive NERD.

This week has been non stop. I've finally started my new job and with studying, I don't even reach 10pm anymore (who would of thought it eh?) I've abandoned pretty much everything else in my life since I started so this weekend I plan to do very little and get organised i.e. rest my achey muscles I never knew I had; get crafty; drink tea; eat cake and write a few blog posts for next week so watch this space. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

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