Not your average scrapbook

Yes, it's true I'm a complete sucker for stationary, even a visit to Staples (of all places) gets me a tad bit too excited. I've been a lover of the stuff since buying pencil cases and begging my mom that smelly gel pens were a necessity in Art, Textiles, Maths etc etc. Double underlining the date or lesson objective was so my thing back then. You could call me a complete geek.

There are so many products out there: sprays, glitters and machines along with layers upon layers of patterned paper and embellishments which are clearly for the hardcore scrapbooking fans - I bow to youI found the majority of the page designs to be over the top, frilly or old fashioned. This obviously wasn't for me, you could possibly say that I am the definition of 'Simplicity'. 

The majority of my scrapbook pages are made using things I make and recycled bits and bobs I have lying around as well as items I made during my time attending a recent Interior Design course, all the writing is done on my beloved vintage typewriter and the newspaper cutting is a reproduction of a news paper printed in 1944, some papers are wrapping paper, wall paper cuttings and patterned paper from Paperchase.

That's my favourite part about craft - there are no rules; let your creative side out and use literally anything and everything! 

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