"Round up, round up..."

1) I've only been cooking (properly) now for around 2 years so when ever I can I love to try out a new recipe and this one is super simple (my favourite kind of way) - Basil pesto pasta with tuna, it takes a whole 12 minutes to cook and you just season to your personal preference - mines ground black pepper.

2) After not celebrating my good news when I originally got it 4 weeks ago the boy decided to take me out for drinks to finally celebrate my new job! It took an whole hour to drink that one pint - I am clearly not as hardcore as I used too be.

3) Saturday night we had a night in and rented some movies, ate more calories and obviously regretted them the next morning. We decided to rent Skyfall and Ted: Skyfall was incredible, I love a film full of action and I'd definitely recommend it! But on the other hand Ted wasn't so incredible, I laughed once and although I used to have a soft spot for Family Guy this film just didn't do it for me.

4) This day was my favourite as we decided to spend Sunday afternoon wandering around the stunning Grade 1 listed Ordsall Hall! My next post has all the details so I won't say much apart from if you love old buildings, history and tea and cake a visit is clearly needed!

5) Out with the old in with the new. I pretty much fell for these cushions when I saw them, I was pretty obsessed with check over the Christmas period so it felt like fate (or an excuse whichever one you chose, I'm happy with) We picked these up from the sale in Matalan for £4 each!

6) Tonight I endured the boy with another one of my newly found recipes I wanted to try out - Creamy bacon and spinach pasta. It's actually a Sainsbury's recipe so here's the link Creamy Bacon & Spinach Pasta Recipe | Sainsbury's

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