Interior Stylin' - Sania Pell

All images via Sania Pell's blog
So it's true, I absolutely love Sania Pell's Interior Styling for Cox and Cox - I've always appreciated the way Cox & Cox style their products, I can easily scroll through their products just admiring the images and Sania's blog is definitely somewhere I run too when I need a burst of inspiration on anything from Interiors to crafts so when I found out she is the vision behind their products and images I was hooked. I completely admire the fact that Sania's aim was to show the customers ideas on how they could use the products, as well as showing the actual product itself, afterall just because you buy a product as it is doesn't necessarily mean it has to stay like that. I'm always on the look out for anything I can buy and turn into my own individual piece. I guess you could say I like to look further then what's infront of me (and there's always room for improvement right?) There's much more to Sania's blog then her styling for Cox & Cox, she's also styled for the likes of Liberty, Waitrose and another blog favourite of mine decor8 and then there's the brilliant DIY craft projects she shares too, so if you, like me simply need more click here, you wont look back. Promise.

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