monochrome wishing

admittedly, i am still l.o.v.i.n.g monochrome, i just cant get enough of it so this wishlist is as easy as they come! ive had my eye on this cami from river island for ages now, its such a easy piece to wear and at £15 i should, shouldn't i really? aha i'm not so much into 'trends' i'm more into being comfortable and confident, to me that's what it's all about! i'm slightly in love with this jacket (the photo doesn't do it any justice!), bag and pair of boots from next right now, i might have to take the plunge with my birthday money and treat myself right.. i know the jacket and boots will be perfect for the upcoming months too, it's all about investment pieces and staying warm yet still looking fab! and on that note - i cant believe its 4 months until the *gasps* C word! (i am so excited!) i think its time to start saving...

what do you think? are there any trends you're loving at the moment?

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