a family affair

get togethers are somewhat precious now I live in up north so every chance we get to go see my family we grab and this time was no exception with the past few weeks being hectic at work we booked a whole week off and planned on being as lazy as we could possibly be, while obviously spending some good'ol quality time with the family. obviously.
as the week off grew closer more plans were made and our lazy plans were wiped under the carpet and the to-do-list began. the morning after we arrived - breakfast with our dad was first on our agenda, he lives in bridgnorth a tiny town which is divided into two, a high town and low town and it's a little slice of heaven - if i do say so myself! full of antiques and plenty of beautiful town houses to admire, me and my sister, Kelly were in our element and couldn't help but take photos of all the brightly painted doors and flower-potted window ledges. once we gobbled our breakfast down off we went on our adventures around high town, rummaging through charity shops and searching high and low in the antiques shops: here's where i purchased my first tiny vintage crate and bunch of skeleton keys. watch out antiques roadshow.. wink.

town houses and cottages aren't the only thing im found of here. their stunning buildings could quite happily keep me wandering around all day and the architecture here gets my heart happy every time with the old-english timber framed buildings and original casement windows, i think its fair to say when i see something i find beautiful or interesting i get like a little kid in a sweet shop aha. 

i just had to share this photo of these floral deck chairs, as soon as my sister said our nan and grandad had possibly owned identical ones when we were younger i just couldnt resist, now the more i see this photo while im scrolling through my phone the more it brings back lovely memories of them and i like that alot. i love how a smell or something as silly as these decks chairs can do that!

i am well and truly kicking myself for not whipping up these beauties aka old wooden shoe forms, whether the owner purposely positioned them like book ends i will never know but since living with my boyfriend our book collection has got pretty out of hand so something unconventional like this would of been perfect!

photo via 2shrop.net
my dads lived here for around 11 years now and of all of visits to the town ive always wondered but stupidly never asked what the 'tudoresque' building in the middle of town was so this time around was like all my christmas' had come at once, i was peering in shop windows when my dad said it used to be an assize court and you can tour it! obviously all i heard was 'old court room and tour it'. while dad, kindly watched the pushchair we all giddily went upstairs and before we knew it, we were playing out our own mock trial, sentencing my own brother to execution..aside from the hanging i was in complete awe and fascination of it all.

we were in our element and its definitely fair to say some (middle photo) got carried away and maybe took his role way too seriously but it was a day to remember, you could even say one for the scrapbook.. hey, who am i kidding? it so going in the scrapbook ha.

after being complete geeks all afternoon and dad being very parched, it was back to his for lots of tea, sandwiches and ice-cream. good times

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