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My love for interiors and design started when my sister began to refurbish her own furniture, it was just as shabby chic took over the world so it was a few years ago now but I'm still relatively new to the interior word, let alone the blogging one. I've always wanted to be a fashion buyer but I started looking into interior design and ideas for furniture etc.. Industrial design caught my eye and I was hooked - think brick walls, original wooden floors, vintage lockers, antique printer cabinets and rustic linens. It was love and I've never looked back. 
Our bedroom mocks my 'dream room' of industrial touches, a crafty corner and wooden frames leant against each other. It's fair to say I live by the 'make do and mend' slogan. 
As I've got older my interior preference has changed slightly and I dipped into vintage and antiques and the love of vintage metal signs, glass bottles and wooden crates began. Now I'm all about white walls, typography and the simple things in life. So here's some beauties that caught my eye this week:

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