our first Ben Howard gig - my obvious other half, kiss kiss | playing with watercolour | fish and chips from Harry Ramsdens | me and my precious - her first visit to the big city | Shropshire countryside - the place I call home | wearing cigarettes | mouth | we love a picnic | don't touch my ice-cream | birthday shopping | kopparberg drinking | of course there'd be a Matthew - 1/12 apostle dur | pout | iced lemonades at Costa - hubba hubba | a beautiful mess app | feeding time at the zoo | legs 11 and Once Upon A Time catch-up | reminiscing on a drive back home | Blackpool tower | ombre watercolour lovin' | shabby chic | admiring an old (now abandoned) grocers and place a family would of called home | birthday celebrations | taking diy to another level | a diy chest of drawers stole my heart | trying new stuff | praline is my god | a beautiful bedroom I wished I owned | decorating with yellow | pizza date night | bed making taken too serious since '09 | cox and cox stunning new accessories collection

and thats it. June in a handy pint size post, full of random and magical memories. Same time, same place but in a months time, August is my month yo. 

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