super speedy pizza

Dinner time can become a bit of a chore and lets face it, none of us like chores. After deciding to spend all week trying out new recipes I've got left over ingredients (you know the ones, they sit in your fridge/cupboard and never get eaten) which I've been trying to use up so this little lunchtime idea was a spur of a moment kind of one.

Here's what I used:
half a baguette
basil pesto
sundried tomato puree
handful of grated mature cheese
handful of sliced baby tomatoes

Preheat your grill to a medium to high setting. Half the baguette and spread a dollop of sundried tomato all over it then sprinkle half of the cheese on top, scatter the sliced tomatoes and add the rest of the cheese. Grill until the bread starts to brown and the cheese is melted or to your personal preference!
Grab a tea spoon and drop small (or large, whatever your heart contents) spoonfuls of basil pesto over the toppings and wallah, all done.

You can use whatever you like, treat yourself.

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