life lately

Life lately has been hectic and full of work work work but you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way because it makes you appreciate your time/money/food/bed/alone time etc that little bit more. This time last year we were in completely different places and now we're both in full time work, we can survive better and actually be grateful that we struggled because as cheesy as it is, it's pretty much made us who we are today. Go us aha

This summer has too of been the most enjoyable one since school. its fair to say me and hot weather haven't always gotten on but I also have to say that I've had a huge lifestyle change over the past year which has fortunately changed me for the better, so I've appreciated the hot weather like any other Brit would - moany one minute and happy the next (its only right eh?) 
so as the summer abruptly comes to an end, we say goodbye to warm nights, blue skies and barely any clothes and a iyaaaa to september, the wonderful month full of dull weather, gorgeous new coats and a chilly breeze. A/W is definitely my favourite time of year so I welcome it with a humongous hug and a "what took you so long?" whisper. Bring. It. On. 

and on that note I'm off to buy my first jumper of the year and look at sharks, enjoy your week everyone.

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